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Books & Articles published in the frame of the ModernShip Project

Cazenave de la Roche, Arnaud, 2020, The Mortella III wreck: a spotlight on Mediterranean Shipbuilding of the 16th century. British Archaeology Report, BAR International Series 2976, BAR Publishing, Oxford. ISBN: 9781407356228 

Cazenave de la Roche, Arnaud, 2021, L’épave de la Mortella III (Saint-Florent, Haute-Corse) : un éclairage sur la construction navale au XVIème siècle en Méditerranée. Archéologie Moderne et Contemporaine 08, Editions Mergoil. 

Cazenave de la Roche, A., Ciachella, F. and Hormaechea, C., ‘An insight into Mediterranean naval architecture in the 16th century through the texts of Nicolò Sagri (1538-1571). A comparative perspective with Ibero-Atlantic shipbuilding.’ Ed. Springer. In press. 

Cazenave de la Roche, A., Ciachella, F., Guérout, M., Langenegger, F., Milanese, M., ‘Review of the research programme on the Mortella III wreck (2010-2020, Corsica, France): A contribution to the knowledge of the Mediterranean naval architecture and material culture of the Renaissance.’ In press.

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