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Assets of the project

The main strength of this project is to be innovative. 

- It potentially bears significant progress in maritime archaeology and history of the Modern period, enabled by the discoveries of wrecks like the Mortella wrecks (16th c., France) or the Santiago de Galicia wreck (16th c., Spain).  The project offers the prospect of a field and literature research and study of the Mediterranean literature documentation of this period. It seeks to set the milestone of a Mediterranean shipbuilding model of Italian influence of this key period of transition between the middle Ages and the modern period. As we saw, this knowledge also paves the way for a first approach to the organisation of European shipbuilding as a whole.

- In its form and actions, this project is also innovative. As it has been demonstrated, it is a collaborative, multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial. The search for excellence is pursued for each action in all its fields (excavation, conservation, studies and research).

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